Is There Something I Can Do on a Staycation?

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Doug just ended his work week and is elated that he is ready to start his two week vacation. He is so excited because he has been looking forward to his vacation for the past three months. It seemed as though this last work day before his vacation would never come to an end, but now it’s finally here. Doug thought to himself, that his wife Margie was also happy about him going on vacation. They had been planning for this much needed vacation for Doug for the past few months. Doug so badly needed this vacation because he hardly ever took any time off from his job. In fact, his last vacation was almost five years ago.

As Doug exited the parking lot of his job he was so happy that he was now officially on his vacation that he started singing to himself in his car the words “staycation here I come, oh yeah, staycation is for me here I come, I’m not going anywhere cause I’m on staycation my own vacation, yeah, yeah, yeah.” Doug continued to sing these phrases all the way home.

Wow, it seems like Doug is so excited, but, what in the world is a staycation? Great question, a staycation is simply staying home for your vacation instead of traveling a long distance from your home.

These days due to our current economic times more and more people are deciding to stay home for their vacations instead of traveling out of town. Unfortunately the continued high cost to travel is making a lot of people take a second look at how and where they spend their vacations. After adding up the cost of travel tickets, baggage costs, fuel costs, hotel costs, dining costs, etc… some people are deciding it’s cheaper to staycation.

So, if you’re one of those people that have decided to enjoy your vacation in your home town with your family you may want to consider these tips on some of the things you can do while on your staycation:

Tip One:

Consider taking a trip to a local museum near you. That’s right a visit to a museum can be fun and informative.

Tip Two:

Go to your local zoo or an amusement park for the day. Go ahead, take yourself, friend, spouse or other relatives with you. Try to make an entire day out of this event and remember to enjoy yourself.

Tip Three:

Go to a beach or swimming pool near you. That’s right take a cool and refreshing dip into that beautiful water, go for it!

Tip Four:

Put together a picnic basket for you and your family or significant other and head to a local park. Have a little fun in the sun.

Tip Five: Sit back, relax and read a book that you think you will enjoy.

Tip Six:

How about that bike, motorcycle, scooter, skateboard or skates that are sitting around possibly collecting dust? Well, you may want to take a spin and get reacquainted with these modes of transportation and have some fun along the way.

Tip Seven:

Take a tour around your town and see something you’ve always wanted to see but never had the opportunity to do so. This is the perfect time for you to do this while you’re on staycation.

Tip Eight:

Try out a new restaurant you’ve never gone to before. This is the good time for you to do this.

Tip Nine:

Consider having a function at your home for friends and family. You could have a party, barbeque, a movie viewing get-together, game night, etc… I think you get the picture.

Tip Ten:

Take in a movie matinee at your local theater to catch the latest movies at a cheaper price than paying the regular admission fee.

Tip Eleven:

Consider doing some home improvement projects that you really think you need to take care of while you’re on your staycation. However, you may want to use a small percentage of your staycation time doing those home projects. Remember part of being on vacation is relaxing and enjoying yourself.

Staycations can be enjoyable, fun and relaxing. A staycation is really what you make it. You can also think of additional things you and your family can do for your staycation in addition to these tips. Just try to make your staycation a great vacation for you and your family to remember. Just because you’re not traveling somewhere far away and spending lots of money doesn’t mean that you can’t have a great vacation. So, go ahead and start planning your staycation today you will be glad you did.

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